It’s simple:  Adults connecting with God, with each other, and with God's mission in the world!
Enjoy coffee or a cold drink with the whole church after the first service in the From Room. Then, adults gather around campus at 10:00 AM in Connections. Opportunities also available for junior high, and high school students at 10:00 and children at 9:50.


  •  Dig into a key Bible story, passage, or engage with teachers
  •  See how God’s Word connects to everyday life
  • Come to know God better and see Him reflected in His Word
  • Reach out to our community with the love of God
  • Praying for God's breakthroughs into the life of our world


  • Meet new people
  • Deepen friendships
  • Pray for one another
  • Periodic socials and parties
  • Reach out in local missions
  • Pray for global mission partners

Adult Gatherings, 10:00 AM
Connecting Up, in, and out!
All are welcome! Join any group, anytime!

September 10 - December 10 :: Fall Connections

COLLEGE/YOUNG ADULT (18 to late 20’s)

Life can be pretty crazy sometimes. It is dangerous to go alone. Take this: “For the word of God is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword.” Grab a cup of coffee and come and see how God’s word equips us for the road ahead

Led by Zach and Jill Riley
Meets in the Front Room


THE BRANCH (30’s to early 40’s)

One Another

The word “community” has become a popular word in church culture, but what does that word actually mean? What would it look like to live side by side with one another in biblical community? Join us for a discussion about moving away from self-absorption and isolation to a life where we love one another, pray for one another, forgive one another, serve one another, encourage one another, teach one another, bear one another’s burdens, and more.

Led by Jeremy Brown
Meets in 201D


BUILDERS (40’s to early 50’s)

Epic of Eden

How do you see the overall story of the Bible.  We will be looking at the Bible as a book set in time and space and how God's story for us is set in six covenants.  This is the story that runs from the Eden of the Garden to the garden of the New Jerusalem!

Led by David Woodford
Meets in 203D


LIVING STONES (50’s to early 60’s)

1st and 2nd Peter

During his ministry on earth, one of Jesus’ best friends was Peter. Join us as we read and explore his two letters, 1 Peter and 2 Peter. We will be discussing subjects such as hope, suffering, holiness, Christian community, and marriage relationships.

Led by Ben Middleton
Meets in 105D



Luke, the Universal Gospel

As a physician and a gentile, Luke writes a comprehensive account to proclaim the very good news that Jesus is the Messiah--not only for the people of Israel, but also for the gentiles, even those on the margins of society! Luke emphasizes prayer and joy, and directs our attention to the saving and transforming work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This study will show how the good news is timeless and useful for guiding our lives today.

Led by Ed Martin
Meets in Pearson Hall


GENERATIONS (all ages)

Psalm 145:4 proclaims, “One generation commends your workds to another; they tell of your mighty acts.” Come share life and wisdom with adults of all ages. The conversation will center on the pastoral message of the day and ask two big questions: What is God saying, and what are we going to do about it?

Led by the Generations Team
Meets in Fireside


                                               For more information about Sunday Connections, please contact Ted Burrows at ted.burrows@mcclife.net